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We were recently able to visit a community in extreme poverty in Guatemala.  We got to know the best of the comprehensive development projects for families, a model that offers high-risk children an opportunity for a decent life through education, health, nutrition, psychology and community development.

The DAR model (District of High Performance) aims to train leaders that can impact their lives and their families, providing them with the right resources to achieve their dreams improve their lives and somehow avoid the immigration phenomenon to the USA.

 Families in extreme poverty walk hundreds of kilometers to obtain something that their country does not give them; the dangers to which they are exposed are fatal, so the outcome and future of these families will repeat itself through generations.

DAR has become an ally, a solution that by providing disadvantaged communities with what is indispensable and necessary to develop human capital and seeks to improve their quality of life.

 Today Pennington Commercial and its associates have made the decision to do their social responsibility (CSR) by supporting an entity like DAR. To transform the lives of more Guatemalan children.

Would you like to know more about this great project in Guatemala and join Pennington Commercial in their efforts?


To learn more and that just like us, you can be part of this future investment for Guatemala.

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